Monash students’ construction frustration


The constant thumping and drilling of library building works is causing frustration for Caulfield campus students.

The noise has impacted on students’ ability to focus during classes over the past year, “it’s so loud you have to stop,” said student Leonor Gausachs.

Constant rearranging of book collections in the library has caused students significant difficulty in locating relevant subject material, “it’s hard to have to go and find my way again,” said Ms Gausachs.

Access to walkways and bridges as a means of travelling between classes has been disrupted by construction, “it’s annoying for circulation”, particularly for classes in buildings near the library.

Caulfield student Briana Johnston found the library construction “rather frustrating” and found the noise levels “really distracting”, stating that it has impacted her learning.

The library will be “bigger and better”, said Ms Johnston and Ms Gausachs was certain she will “appreciate the outcome”, acknowledging that the actual construction was not the issue, but rather “just the noise”.

Leonor Gausachs, a Monash Architecture student




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